Feed-in Tariff Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs on this page should help you with any queries you have about working with Good Energy as a FiT supplier. If you can't find the answer you need here, you can contact our Customer Care team on 0800 254 0000, or email the team at FIT@goodenergy.co.uk


When do I need to submit my meter reads?

We ask that you get your FiT generation meter readings to us by the 20th of March, June, September and December. It’s really important that we have your reading by the 20th so we can process everything in time for you to get paid.

How can I submit a meter read for payment?

There are two quick and easy ways to get your reading to us:

How do you calculate my payments?

First, we work out how much generation we need to pay you.  We do this by subtracting the last reading we paid you on (or your start read) from the most up-to-date reading you’ve given us. 

This figure is then converted into a monetary value based upon your generation and tariff rates.  It’s this figure that we then request from OFGEM as your payment.

Why does it take two months for my payment to be processed?

This is because Ofgem have to calculate the FiT payment fund, known as the ‘levelisation’ process, for the quarter after all FiT suppliers have submitted their generation data to them – including us.  

All energy suppliers have to pay a contribution into the fund proportionate to their share of UK electricity customers. Ofgem invoices energy suppliers for their contribution around four weeks after the end of the quarter. Once all energy suppliers have paid into the fund, we receive the money to pay you around six weeks after the end of the quarter..

We make payments to generators as soon as we can after receiving this payment from Ofgem – this usually takes no longer than two weeks.

Will you let me know if my payment has been delayed?

If for any reason we are unable to send your payment within our planned timeframes, we will contact you to let you know.

If there is a holdup, it’s often because we don’t have current bank details to make the payment. If you haven’t already given us these, please contact our Customer Care team on 0800 254 0000. 

How will you send my payment?

We will credit your nominated bank account with your payment. To do this, we’ll need your bank details. If you haven’t already given us your bank details, please get in touch.

If we don’t have your bank details, your FiT payment might be delayed.

I haven’t received confirmation that my account has been registered - will I miss out on any payments?

If you haven’t received your letter confirming that your generator has been registered, this means that there are still outstanding queries on your application which have prevented it from being registered. You should have been contacted by email or post, if not please contact us at FIT@goodenergy.co.uk. We will be unable to send you any payments whilst there are outstanding queries on your application.

As soon as you receive confirmation that you have been registered, you can start sending meter readings to us each quarter.

You will receive payments from the eligibility date stated on your application. Once you are registered for Feed-in tariff by Ofgem we will send you reminders to submit your meter readings.

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