How to reconnect your smart prepayment meter:    

Top up your account – you can add credit to your account via your online smart prepayment account, text message, or by calling us on 0345 034 2400. Remember, you will need to add enough credit to bring your balance above £0.   

Enter your unique transaction reference number (UTRN) – you only need to do this if your top up fails to apply to your meter. You’ll be told if it’s failed to apply on the payment confirmation screen. We’ll also send you a text. Your text will contain your UTRN. 

Reactivate your energy supply for safety reasons, you will need to manually activate your supply from your in-home display or smart meter(s). This step applies to everyone whose meter has automatically disconnected.   

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How to reconnect a standard prepayment meter  

  • Double check you have credit on your meter.   
  • If you have credit on your meter, but your electricity or gas has cut out, please try to top up the meter again to see if this works.   
  • If you’ve lost your key or card and gone off supply as a result, get in contact with the subject line ‘Lost key / card’ and we’ll help.   

I’ve topped up my prepayment meter but I’m still off supply  

Your meter will show how much credit or debit you have – you may need to top up again to clear any accrued debt or standing charge.   

If the top up doesn’t work, your key or card might be faulty. Take a note of any error codes. We’ve included a full list of prepayment error codes and what they might mean below.   

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Prepayment meter error codes   

Error   Whatitmeans   What to do   
D1   Your meter can’t read the information on your key or card, which means your credit has not been added.    Check you’ve inserted the key/card properly. If this doesn’t work, contact us because you may need a new key.    
D2   There isn’t enough credit on your key/card or on the meter.   Check that you’ve added enough credit to clear any emergency credit you’ve used and that there is a minimum of £1 credit on the meter.    
Error B4 or D4   Your key is programmed with the wrong meter serial number (MSN). This means you may be using an old key, or your meter has been changed.   Contact us because you may need a new meter.   
D6   A duplicate key has been inserted into the meter.     Contact us because you may need a new key.    
Blank screen   Faulty meter   Contact us because you may need a new meter.   
Error   What it means   What to do   
Call Help   A fault with the meter has caused it to run out of gas or not register credit.    Contact us to arrange to have a new meter installed.   
Battery Fail   Using emergency credit too often can run down the meter battery.   Contact us to arrange to have a new meter installed.   
Battery low   Battery is running low.   Contact us to arrange to have a new meter installed.   
CARD FAIL 04, 28, 35, 38   The key/card or meter slot may be dusty, or the card has been put in the wrong way around.   Wipe the key/card clean with a soft cloth – DO NOT USE CLEANING PRODUCTS. Check meter slot is free from dust/dirt.  If this doesn’t work, contact us to order a new card.    
Card not accepted   The Gascard Numbers on the meter and card no longer match.   Contact us, as the meter may need replacing.   
Blank Screen   To save energy, the screen will go blank when not in use.   Press and hold button to re-activate the display before inserting your card. If this doesn’t work, contact us.   

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