Earn money from your solar panels

Export tariffs are designed for households with solar panels*, so they can get paid for the electricity they don’t use, which gets exported to the energy grid.

Solar Savings

Get paid 15p p/kWh** for the electricity you export.
The more you export, the more you earn.  

Why switch to Solar Savings?

Earn more from your solar panels: As well as saving money on your bills by generating your own electricity, Solar Savings means you’ll also save by sharing your green power with the grid.

Add more value to Feed-in Tariff payments: If you already receive Feed-in Tariff payments, upgrade your export payments by switching to Solar Savings – while still receiving your generation payments.

Solar panels

More about Solar Savings

This is an export tariff that pays you for the excess electricity you generate that gets put onto the energy grid. Your home sends electricity to the grid when you’re generating more power than you’re using at that time.

Solar Savings is currently exclusively for customers that are supplied by Good Energy. View full terms and conditions about which tariffs are eligible here.

It is a variable tariff. The rates could change every 3 months as wholesale prices change, so that customers continue to be paid a fair price.

All you need is a source of renewable power, such as solar panels, and a smart meter from which we are able to collect half-hourly meter readings.
Don’t have a smart meter? Get one here.

Feed-in Tariff services 

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme ran from 2010-2019 – those signed up to it receive payments for generating and exporting renewable electricity.

Even though the scheme is closed to new applicants, homes that already receive FIT payments will continue to do so for the length of their contract, and can switch to a new administrator.

Good Energy is the largest voluntary FIT administrator in the UK; we help home generators because we want to, not because we have to.

High energy prices

Switch your FIT to Good Energy

We work hard to provide over 180,000 home generators with simple ways to submit meter readings, look after their accounts and get paid. To join us, simply complete our online application form. 

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If you need any support with managing your account or submitting readings, please check our FiT FAQs

*You can also earn money through an export tariff if you have another type of renewable generation technology, such as a hydro installation, wind turbine, or micro CHP with a capacity of up to 50kw. Solar panels are the most common type of micro renewable generation.

**Solar Savings is a variable rate tariff. The rate will be subject to change each quarter.