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We've Got Hay Fever!

Not only is Hay Festival celebrating its 30th fantastic year, the forward-thinking festival has also taken a significant step towards sustainability by switching it's supply to Good Energy!

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Fully Charged with Good Energy

Robert Llewellyn talks to our CEO, Juliet Davenport, and Head of Research and Innovation, Will Vooght about a number of energy topics.

Posted by: Joe Hickman
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We've Got Hay Fever!

Hay is marking its 30th fantastic year! Good Energy will be there celebrating the festival's switch to a 100% renewable electricity supply!

Posted by: Holly Meyrick
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The making of a solar farm - the hard way

Anyone who has seen the occasional solar farm popping up in a matter of weeks by the side of a motorway might be tempted to think that building one must be quite a straightforward process.

Posted by: James Ryle
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