The first thing to do if you’re struggling to pay your bill is to ensure that your bill is accurate, by checking it reflects your energy usage. 

Once you’ve confirmed that your bill is correct, contact Good Energy to request a payment plan. This will need to cover ongoing usage as well as a debt repayment element that will be agreed between us.  

When contacting Good Energy, we recommend asking if there is a better tariff available to you as this could reduce future costs. We can offer a discount to those who pay by Direct Debit, for example.  

If you’re interested in reducing your energy consumption, we recommend looking at the following sites:  

Key culprits of high bills are:  

  • Immersion water heaters that are left on constantly  
  • High heating  
  • Electric plug-in heaters  
  • Older appliances which have reduced efficiency  
  • Poor insulation  
  • Building work  
  • A change in household circumstances such as additional people to stay or more time spent at home.  

If you’d prefer to pay for your energy as you go, Good Energy can install a smart pre-payment meter for you free of charge. Top ups are managed online, and payments taken daily.  

If you need additional help with your bill, we can recommend the following third-party services:  

  • Citizens Advice (0344 411 1444):  For general independent advice.  
  • StepChange (0800 138 1111): For debt advice for domestic customers. They arrange a 40-minute phone call to run an Income and Expenditure survey and can hold off non-priority debt  
  • Turn2Us (0808 802 2000): An income maximisation charity. They run searches to ensure you are getting everything you are entitled to from the government.  

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