about us

Good Energy is a British renewable electricity company with a difference.

For over two decades, our mission has been to power a cleaner, greener world by helping homes and businesses to be part of a sustainable solution to climate change.

When you join Good Energy, you’ll become part of a community of people that either:

buys 100% renewable power, through switching their supply,
generates renewable power in their own homes or businesses, or
invests in renewable power as a shareholder of Good Energy.

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What makes us different

  1. The electricity we provide comes from over 1,600 different locations across the UK, harnessing sources like sunshine, wind, rain and biofuels. We also own some solar and wind sites including Delabole Wind Farm in Cornwall, Woolbridge Solar Park in Dorset and Hampole Wind Farm in Yorkshire.  

  2. We offer carbon neutral green gas. 10% of our gas comes from biomethane – gas produced from organic matter, such as manure, here in the UK. 

  3. We’re ethical through and through. We pay our staff a living wage – and pay our community of generators a fair price for their power.  

  4. We’re one of the UK's largest Feed-In Tariff  providers. In fact, we support more people who are generating their own clean power than any of the Big Six energy companies. 

  5. We’re working on releasing the UK’s energy system from the grip of a handful of huge fossil fuel generators. We pioneered localised power generation by creating a marketplace to provide smaller and home generators with an income from their power. And we’re exploring innovative ways to help more and more people generate and share power on a local level.  

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