If you receive Feed-in Tariff payments, the energy regulator, Ofgem, requires us to verify your meter every two years to check it’s accurately recording how much electricity you generate.

Now, instead of having to arrange for your meter to be inspected, you can verify your meter by submitting photographs to Good Energy.

How to photograph your meter

Take a photo that clearly shows the meter reading on the meter display and the serial number of the meter in the same picture.

Please note: Your meter may not look exactly like the one below, there are lots of different meter types and models. If you are unsure, you can send us a photo of each of your meters.

Meter reading
Meter reading
What if I can’t take a photo of my meter? 

We will need to submit proof to Ofgem that your meter serial number cannot be verified. Otherwise, your account will be put on hold and your Feed-in Tariff payments will be delayed.

If you can’t see your meter reading or serial number – for example, because your meter is behind a wall – please take four photographs showing the meter from all sides. Ofgem will be able to accept this as proof that we can’t verify your meter.  

Where do I submit my photographs?

Please email your photographs to the email address provided in your email from us, remembering to include your name and FiT account number.

Please remember
Meter reading
We need to be able to clearly see the meter display
Meter reading
Please remove any items that may be obscuring a clear view of the meter
Meter reading
Ensure the meter isn’t too far away and is well lit