100% renewable electricity

Choosing green power is one of the biggest things you can do to tackle climate change. Get yours from certified renewable sources like wind, solar, hydro and biogen.

Green gas

10% of the gas we supply is renewable biogas, produced here in Britain from organic matter. The rest is offset through supporting green energy projects in Turkey, China and India.

Our tariffs

View all the rates for our tariffs by region, including our Standard Variable and latest fixed tariff. 

Smart meters

Smart meters are laying the foundation for a greener, more efficient energy grid. We’re installing them free for our customers – register your interest today.

Smart meter in-home display.

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Want to be even greener?
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Good Energy has partnered with Zap-Map, the leading app for EV drivers in Britain. Use Zap-Map and Zap-Pay to find and pay for EV charging on the go.

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Get peace of mind with comprehensive boiler, heating and home care plans. Plus, use less energy by making sure your boiler is running efficiently.

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Caplor Energy

Reduce energy bills and carbon emissions by generating and storing energy at home with solar panels and battery storage from this highly-rated installer.

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Solar panels on a house

Crystal EV Charging

Have you upgraded to an electric car? Use Crystal EV Charging to install a dedicated charge point that makes powering up at home faster, safer and easier.

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Good Energy for green business

Run your business on green power from 100% renewable sources.