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Global heating: why every degree matters

Discover the impacts of global heating at 1.5 and 2 degrees to learn why we must limit heating as much as possible.
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Air source heat pumps

Find out how they work, get answers to common questions, and discover why they are so much better for our planet than oil and gas boilers.

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Our generator stories

Read and watch the stories from our community of over 1700 renewable generators.

Green energy and technology

Learn about how different renewable technologies work, how they’re helping make Britain greener, and how you can benefit from them at home.

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Climate change

What is it? How is plastic linked to the climate? How is it affecting the ocean? How do you engage children with the subject? What can we do? Get these answers and more on our #ClimateChange page.



Greenwashing affects the fashion, beauty, food and energy industries. But what the heck is it and why should you care? Get these answers and more on our specific #Greenwashing page.

Your sustainable tips

Our customers share simple tips for living a more sustainable life.

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