Domestic supply T&Cs

We’ve changed the format of your terms and conditions, and we now have two main documents that make up your contract – the General Terms and Conditions and your Tariff Information Label.

Some tariffs have specific eligibility criteria that must be met and others have peak and off-peak times that apply. Please refer to the ‘Eligibility Criteria‘ and ‘Off-Peak Times for Time of Use Tariffs’ documents to see what is applicable to your specific tariff.

Your contract with Good Energy is made up of the general Ts and Cs and the Tariff Information Label.

View our Principal Terms.

View our General Terms. These set out the terms that apply to all customers, whatever your tariff.

View the information label for your specific tariff. This sets out your regional unit rates and standing charges, along with estimated annual costs

Some of our tariffs are designed for specific purposes. View the criteria for all our tariffs to check if you’re eligible.

View the peak and off-peak periods for your time of use tariff to find out your electricity rates are lower.