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The wholesale energy market is still volatile, with significant price changes over short periods of time. This means that energy prices look set to remain high for at least the rest of 2022 and probably longer.  

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An update on switching

All energy suppliers have had to raise their prices this year, and you are unlikely to find cheaper deals by switching. This means that right now, one of the best things you can do is stay with your current provider. 

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Why are prices so high?

The cost of energy and many other commodities has been hit by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Many countries are reducing imports of gas and oil from Russia and competing for new supply sources, which has driven up prices. Higher prices for everything from diesel to fertiliser has also directly increased the running costs of some forms of renewable generation, such as farmers who operate anaerobic digesters that generate biogas.  

Renewable suppliers are currently impacted by changes in wholesale energy prices because we pay our generators a fair rate in line with the market. 

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What to do if you’re worried about your energy bills

If you’re finding it difficult to afford your energy,contact your energy supplieras they may be able to help set up a payment plan. You can also get free independent advice about your energy bills from organisations includingCitizens Advice and National Debtline. 

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