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The quick and easy way to send in your meter readings.

Our meter reading app helps you submit your meter readings in just a few easy steps:

  • Take a meter reading. There’s even a handy torch if your meter’s in a dark corner* 
  • Send us your reading using pre-stored details – including your meter number 
  • Get in touch with any questions, or ask us to call you back 

The app has been designed for use on Apple, Android™, and Windows mobile devices, and is completely free to download. 

*Torch available on Apple and Android devices.


Using the app 

Be aware that when you use the app, the date you submit your read will automatically register as your reading date. So if you’d like to submit a reading from an earlier date, you’ll have to do this online or by getting in touch. Remember to tell us the date you took the reading. 

Once you’ve submitted your read, you should see it on your next bill. Sending us regular readings is really important, as it allows us to make sure our estimates are as close to what you use as possible 

Who can get the app? 

At the moment, you can use the app if we supply your home – unless you have more than one electricity or gas meter or a non-standard meter. This includes any electricity meter with more than one register, such as for Day and Night or Evening and Weekend rates. You can still submit a read in the usual way online or over the phone by getting in touch. 

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