What is Solar Savings? 

Solar Savings is a metered export tariff, enabling generators to receive a fair rate that pays based on the actual volume of electricity that they export to the grid.   

Is Solar Savings a Smart Export Guarantee tariff? 

No. Solar Savings is a metered export tariff. It pays a higher rate than the Smart Export Guarantee, which only has to pay a rate above 0p for electricity exported to the grid. With Solar Savings, we pay homes a fair rate for the electricity they export. 

What rate does Solar Savings pay? 

Solar Savings is a variable tariff. The rate will be subject to change every three months. Check our tariff page for the latest live rate. 

Do I need to already be on the Feed-in Tariff to sign up? 

No – you can apply for Solar Savings if you’re not on the Feed-in Tariff. For example, if you got your solar panels installed after the FIT scheme closed in 2019.  

Can I sign up to Solar Savings if I already receive the Feed-in Tariff? 

Yes. You’ll continue to receive your FIT generation payments as usual but by choosing to go on Solar Savings you will opt out of receiving FIT export payments.  

Do I need to have my Feed-in Tariff with Good Energy to switch to Solar Savings? 

No – as long as you are supplied by Good Energy and on an eligible tariff, you can switch to Solar Savings without switching your Feed-in Tariff account to us. However, you will have the most seamless experience if you switch your FIT to Good Energy as well. This will make it easier for us to manage any changes you would like to make to your account, such as opting out of Solar Savings back onto FIT export.  

How will I receive my payments? 

We will add your Solar Savings export payments to your Good Energy account as credit. This means your payments will go towards paying for the energy you use at home.  

If you are a landlord and the tenant chooses not to be with Good Energy for supply then unfortunately, at this time you’ll be unable to join Solar Savings.  

Why do I need to be supplied by Good Energy to get Solar Savings? 

An export tariff means that we will be paying you for electricity. Being with us for your supply as well makes it simpler for us to manage your export credits that are applied to your energy supply bill. It also helps us offer a more competitive rate than we would otherwise be able to if we opened this tariff up to people who aren’t our customers.  

Do I have to pay anything to get Solar Savings? 

No – it’s free to sign up. 

Do I need to install an export meter? 

No – we’ll be able to collect your meter readings from your existing smart meter. This records both the electricity you use in your home and the electricity that you export to the grid.  

I don’t have a smart meter – can I still get Solar Savings? 

You need to have a smart meter so we can accurately measure how much electricity you export. If you’re a Good Energy customer, sign up to have a smart meter installed for free. 

What happens after I apply for Solar Savings? 

We will review your application and be in touch if we need further information. We’ll send you an email to confirm when your application moves to the next step. 

What happens if I switch to Solar Savings and then decide I don’t want to be on the tariff? 

If you don’t receive the Feed-in Tariff, you can choose to switch to a different export tariff at any time. 

If you do receive the Feed-in Tariff and are a Good Energy Feed-in Tariff customer, you can opt back into smart FIT Export payments after 12 months.  

If you received deemed FIT export payments before switching to Solar Savings, you won’t be able to move back onto deemed (estimated) payments. This is because Ofgem requires energy suppliers to pay generators for the actual amount of electricity exported where the customer has a meter that is  capable of accurately measuring the amount exported. If you have been accepted for Solar Savings you will have demonstrated that we can do this.  

Am I likely to lose money if I switch to Solar Savings from FIT deemed export or smart export? 

If you have a smart meter fitted, as a FIT customer, you will automatically move from deemed export payments to smart export payments in the near future. Solar Savings currently offers a better rate than that which you would be entitled to on the FIT scheme. 

What happens if I move out while on the tariff? 

If you sell your property, and the panels are included in the sale, please contact us to confirm the date the installation was sold. The new owner will need to contact us separately to set up their new account so they can start receiving the export payments. 

I’ve moved into a property with solar panels. What do I need to do? 

If the previous owner was signed up to Solar Savings, please contact us so we can set up your account and make sure you receive export payments. Email SmartExport@goodenergy.co.uk  

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