On this page you can see the rates of our current and historic tariffs. If you’re looking for information about the features of the different tariffs that we offer, including the difference between fixed and standard variable tariffs, view our energy tariff explainer.  

It takes a lot of work to genuinely support renewable energy. From buying power directly from independent generators, to working hard to match our supply with what our customers are using.   

We price our tariffs at a level that enables us to keep doing this work sustainably, long term. When you’re on a Good Energy tariff, you can trust that you’re supporting green heroes who are making a difference – like Jo and Bev from Tongue Gill Hydro in Cumbria.  

You can find details of all our tariff rates below. We’ll always let you know if our prices are changing and explain why this is happening. Thank you for standing up for our planet and helping tackle the climate crisis. 


If you want to switch to Good Energy or change your existing Good Energy tariff, you can choose from the following tariffs:


If you’re already on a Good Energy tariff, you can find the rates below. Please note, you cannot switch to any of these tariffs.