Our Energy

Created from wind, rain and sun right here in the UK. 

When you switch to us, we match all the electricity you use over a year with electricity sourced purely from renewables. Making UK electricity cleaner and greener with every new customer we have.


We believe the UK can be powered purely by renewables. That's why we have always sourced our electricity from certified renewable sources like solar, wind, hydro and biofuel

And now, 6% of our Green Gas comes from biomethane: gas produced from organic matter – like manure and sewage – here in the UK. 

To make it totally carbon neutral, emissions from the gas our customers use will be neutralised through verified carbon-reduction schemes.


Encouraging independent energy generation

We buy our 100% renewable electricity from over 1,000 independent generators and businesses, from local farmers to sustainable businesses including Mackie’s ice cream and Wyke Farms dairy. The energy sources range from urban solar farms to biogeneration from waste dairy products and wind power in the UK

We pioneered incentives for renewable generators almost a decade ago and have been offering an expert Feed-in Tariff service through our award-winning home generation and SmartGen schemes ever since.

Investing in renewable technology

As well as supporting our growing community of independent generators, we’re developing our own wind and solar farms to help meet increasing customer demand for 100% renewable electricity. Good Energy has developed over 150MW of renewable energy sites, to support our continued commitment for 100% renewable energy.

We can keep our prices much more stable for our customers because we generate our own power.

Good Energy has sold four further solar sites – this has enabled us to reinvest in new generation capacity. The sites – totalling more than 90MW – were in South Wales, Dorset, Norfolk and Kent. The new owners of these sites are legally required to continue to deliver the community and environmental commitments set up by Good Energy.


Investment in other generation projects

In May 2014, Good Energy announced its first investment in a tidal energy project, the Tidal Lagoon in Swansea Bay, Wales. The planned Swansea Bay project is forecast to deliver renewable power to more than 155,000 homes in the Swansea area. Good Energy has invested in the planned project to further diversify its sources of renewable energy. 

Good Energy’s fuel mix

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Renewable energy development

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