What data do smart meters store? 

Your smart meter has information about how much gas and electricity you’ve used, but doesn’t store other personal information that could identify you, such as your name, address or bank account. 

All this information about your energy use is strongly protected. The law, which is explained in the Energy UK Data guide for smart meters, puts strict controls on your data, who can access it, and how you choose to share it. 

You can decide: 

  • how often your smart meter sends data to your gas and electricity supplier (monthly is minimum, daily or half-hourly are also options.) 
  • whether to share data about your energy use with other organisations, like switching sites 
  • if your supplier can use your meter readings for sales and marketing purposes 

The more frequently we retrieve your readings the more personalised and detailed the information will be. This is why we recommend you choose half hourly readings. 

You can change your meter read frequency at any time by calling in to our customer care team on 0345 034 2400  or emailing hello@goodenergy.co.uk 

Will a smart meter capture my personal data? 

A smart meter won’t capture your personal data. The only information a smart meter sends out is related to your energy usage and this data is encrypted to a very high standard. Only you and your energy supplier will be able to view the data. 

How is my personal data kept safe? 

Your data is secure in the smart meter system. For a start, no details of your name, address or your bank account or any other financial details are stored by your smart meter. The only information stored on it is how much gas and electricity you’ve been using and what tariff you’ve chosen. 

Any data that is stored on your meter belongs to you. No one can have access to that information without your permission, and none of your information is transmitted via the internet. Instead, smart meters have their own secure, dedicated communications system that employs technology widely used by industries including the banking industry. 

Can my energy supplier use my smart meter data for marketing purposes? 

Your supplier will not use any data from your smart meter for sales and marketing purposes, unless you’ve given them permission to do so. We will not share your energy information with any other third party for their marketing purposes. 

How secure are smart meters? 

The smart meter system is very secure and smart meters are not dangerous. Security has been at the heart of the whole smart meter rollout programme from the very beginning, and the system has been specifically designed to prevent hacking. 

Smart meters aren’t connected to the Internet, and they have their own closed, dedicated communications system. Smart meters have been designed with top cyber security experts, including the government and GCHQ, to ensure that security best practice has been incorporated at every stage. 

What rights do I have over my smart meter data? 

We handle your data according to energy industry guidelines, which cover the information we collect from your smart meter and who we share it with. 

Your rights and choices over how we collect and share your data 

Read our smart meter data guide (PDF) to find out what rights and choices you have over how we collect and share data from your smart meter. This guide uses content produced by Citizens Advice, and Energy UK (the trade association representing the UK energy sector) and its members. If you ever want to change how often we receive your smart meter readings, let us know by emailing hello@goodenergy.co.uk

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