I’m selling my property and the attached FiT technology, what do I need to do? 

Let us know as soon as you can. Don’t give your account details to the new owners, otherwise we may end up making overpayments to you. 

Take a meter reading from your generation meter the day the sale completes and send it to us. This will allow us to close your account and make your final payment. 

Give us your forwarding address in case we need to contact you. 

Provide written confirmation of the date of completion and the new owner’s name. Please also confirm the site address and that the installation was included in the sale of the property. This will act as proof of ownership for the new owners and allow the Feed-in Tariff payments to transfer to them. 

I’m selling my property but not including the FiT technology in the sale, what do I need to do? 

Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can note this on your account. If the site address was also your correspondence address, please make sure we have your new contact details. 

What happens if I buy a property that has FiT-registered solar panels? 

You’ll need to agree as part of the sale that you’ll take over the FiT contract and ownership of the panels. 

So that we can register the change of ownership with Ofgem, please complete the FiT Change of Ownership application form

Return this to us along with: 

  • Proof of ID 
  • Proof of Ownership of the panels. This is confirmation from either the previous owner or your solicitor, in writing (letter or email), that the solar panels were included in the sale of the property to you, including confirmation of the property address, your full name, and the date of completion. You can also provide copies of the TA10 Fixtures and Fittings form, which you will have received after completion, with the Land Registry document. We do not accept a sale and purchase agreement as a form of Proof of Ownership. 

My parent/spouse/family member has passed away and I need to transfer the Feed-in Tariff payments. 

Please accept our sincerest condolences for your loss. To transfer FiT payments, please get in touch as soon as you’re able to do and provide a copy of the death certificate. Outstanding payments will be made to the executor of the estate, so please also let us know who this is. We’ll then be able to arrange a change of ownership application for the person who has inherited or purchased the property. 

I’ve inherited a property from a family member with an attached FiT installation, how do I transfer the ownership to me? 

We appreciate this may not be an easy time for you. To transfer ownership, we’ll need you to complete the FiT Change of Ownership application form and return this to us along with: 

Proof of your ID 

A photocopy of the death certificate 

The will or probate document 

How do I change my FiT licensee? 

This is called ‘switching’. If you want to switch to Good Energy please complete our Switch application form. We will arrange a ‘final read’ with your current licensee and let Ofgem know about the change. Please note that all tariffs are set by BEIS and Ofgem and are consistent across all FiT licensees. 

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