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Installing solar panels or a heat pump is one of the most effective ways to cut your home’s carbon footprint.

Hear what our customers have to say about why they chose to install clean technologies, how they found the installation, and the impact going green has had on their lives. 

Read their stories below…

Watch Paul’s story

Paul’s Green Home Story

Paul cares deeply about the planet. Over the years, he has made upgrades to his family home to reduce its impact on the environment.

In 2021, he chose Good Energy to replace his oil-powered boiler with a heat pump and has never looked back.

“We absolutely love returning to a lovely warm home.”

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Di’s Green Home Story

Journalist, Di, lives in Wiltshire with her eldest daughter. Motivated by a love for our planet, she got an air source heat pump installed in 2021.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to install an air source heat pump at my home. The day the gas meter was taken away was a very happy day.”

“My heat pump is sustainable and efficient, and I particularly like that when the sun is shining, it is powered by my solar panels too.”

Gabrielle’s Green Home Story

Passionate about protecting the planet, we installed Gabrielle’s heat pump at her 18th century Suffolk cottage in 2021.

“I enjoy the gentle warmth of my heat pump. It really is much nicer than radiators blasting out heat.”

Jon’s Green Home Story

Worried about the rising costs of fossil fuels, Jon chose to remove his old oil boiler and install an air source heat pump in June 2021.

“Our heat pump has met all of our expectations in every respect.”

Charlotte’s Green Home Story

After completing a loft conversion, Charlotte and her family decided to replace their insufficient combi boiler with an air source heat pump.

“Getting an air source heat pump was the right decision for our family. We take comfort in knowing that we are doing the right thing.”

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