Gabrielle lives in Halesworth in Suffolk. Our expert team installed an air source heat pump at her 18th century property in 2021.

Helping the environment

“Having been involved in environmental charities for many years, I’ve seen how crucial it is that we all do our bit to help the environment. So when I moved into my current home in 2021, my first two purchases were to install solar panels on the roof and to replace my gas central heating with an air source heat pump.

“My home was built in the late 1700s – which shows that heat pumps really can be installed in all different types of properties, as long as they are sufficiently insulated. Good Energy did a thorough room-by-room survey and have designed a heating system that keeps me warm and comfortable throughout the year.”

Gentle, ambient warmth

I enjoy the gentle warmth of my heat pump. It really is much nicer than radiators blasting out heat.

What’s more, I like that I can use my home-generated electricity to provide my heating and hot water. It’s fantastic to have these two technologies working together to help me to reduce my impact on the environment.

Gabrielle, Halesworth