We installed Paul and Anne’s air source heat pump in 2021. Here is their testimonial.

Parents to two and grandparents to three, Paul and Anne care deeply about the planet. Over the years, they have made upgrades to their home to reduce its impact on the environment, including installing solar panels and buying two electric cars.

And in 2021, fed up with their expensive oil heating system which left their home cold throughout the day, they decided to install an air source heat pump.

Replacing an expensive oil boiler with a heat pump

“As we live off the gas grid, our heating was being provided by oil, and we were using bottled gas for cooking. It was incredibly expensive, and we could only afford to turn on our heating for an hour or so in the morning and in the evening. That left us with long periods throughout the day when we were cold – not pleasant when you are working from home.

For a long time, we have been very worried about the planet, so we sat down together and discussed whether an air source heat pump might be an option for us. We have a 70s property, and I was worried it might not meet the needs of an air source heat pump, but it did, and we decided to go for it.”

Our heat pump install experience with Good Energy

“We selected Good Energy to install our heat pump, and our experience with them was wonderful. It was genuinely a pleasure to have them in our house during the installation.

The team were brilliant at explaining what was going on. They were brilliant technicians, they were clean, and they were pleasant lovely people.”

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A warm, comfortable home

Our air source heat pump makes our home permanently comfortable. We absolutely love returning to a lovely warm house – which is such a contrast to our days with an oil-powered boiler.

Paul Cullen
Paul stands in front of his heat pump looking down at his dog.

And is the heat pump noisy?

“Our neighbours were worried about noise when we let them know we were planning to install a heat pump. But they shouldn’t have been. Our Midea heat pump is so quiet, it genuinely emits very little noise even when it is going full blast.

What’s more, the cost effectiveness has been amazing. We have been surprised by the amount of money we have saved.

We love spreading the gospel that installing a heat pump has to be the way forward.”

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