Charlotte lives in a semi-detached 3-bed home with her husband and 2 children on the south coast. She and her family have had a 12kW air source heat pump installed to cope with the demands of a busy family home.

She shares her testimonial about why she decided to choose a heat pump, and how she found the process with Good Energy.

Eco friendly living

Motivations for getting a heat pump

We were extending into the loft which meant that we needed to replace our existing boiler.

As a family we are environmentally aware and try to do as much as we can. Knowing how much gas heating damages the environment, we questioned why we would spend £5,000 on a new gas boiler.  

When considering the government support available, the cost of a heat pump was only slightly more than a new gas boiler at £6,000. 

For our family we decided the extra £1,000 was money well spent to have an environmentally better heating option that will last much longer than a boiler.

Heat Pump

Positive install experience with Good Energy

heat pump installation

The team were eager to provide all the information we needed and gave their honest recommendations. The virtual survey worked great and provided all the information they needed to design our heating system.

The install process was good too. The team were approachable and answered all our questions.

What would you say to people thinking about getting a heat pump?

Heat pump cost

Go for it if you can, especially if you are about to take on a renovation in your home.

Overall, we have made a good decision for our family and have comfort in knowing that we are doing the right thing. Our children are also very active in thinking about what we can all do now to help for the future.