Journalist, Di, lives in Wiltshire with her eldest daughter. Wanting to protect the planet, she chose Good Energy to install her air source heat pump in 2021. Here is her heat pump testimonial.

Motivated by caring for the environment

“I’m motivated by making ethical and environmentally friendly decisions. My gas boiler was getting old, and I wanted to replace it with a greener option, and this is what led me to choose an air source heat pump. It’s sustainable and efficient, and I particularly like that when the sun is shining, it is powered by my solar panels too.

It is very easy to feel hopeless in the face of the climate crisis. But the antidote to feeling hopeless is to do something, is to be active. Whether that is installing an air source heat pump or even putting out water for the birds on a hot day. Just do something and you will feel better for it.”

Working with Good Energy

“I found Good Energy great to work with. From the survey through to design and installation, the team were lovely and always took my wishes into account.

I prefer my home to be on the cooler side, and I let the team know this when they were designing the heating system. Now, I can heat my home exactly how I like it – a constant ambient temperature of around 16 degrees. It’s really easy to manage using an app on my phone and it works brilliantly for my needs.

Initially I was worried that a heat pump would be noisy – but it really isn’t noisy at all. I don’t think my neighbours even know it is there.”

Predictable, lower bills with a heat pump and solar panels

“We’ve just been through two incredibly expensive winters. My solar panels and heat pump have kept my bills significantly lower than those that my friends have unfortunately been faced with, which has been a huge relief through so much uncertainty.

Not only have I looked after the environment and saved myself money, I have future proofed my home as well.”

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