Over 20 years of growth and innovation. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Two decades ago, 98% of UK energy was generated from fossil fuels. And with the growing threat of climate change, we desperately needed more sustainable options.

Good Energy was set up to give people the choice to do something about climate change by choosing renewable energy for their homes and businesses – and we’ve been doing just that ever since. Take a look at how we’ve grown over the years:


Juliet Davenport founds Good Energy as part of Good Energy Group PLC

Good Energy was a new kind of UK energy company; small green and sustainable in an industry of coal, nuclear and gas giants.


Good Energy Group buys Delabole wind farm

More than 600 of our 5,000 customers purchase shares in our first share offering, allowing us to buy Delabole wind farm in Cornwall – the UK’s first commercial wind farm.


HomeGen breaks boundaries

HomeGen was created to encourage more people to become generators, by paying independent generators for all the energy they produce, even if they use it themselves. It formed the blueprint for the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme, which launched in 2010.


We pioneer renewable heat incentives

We develop our gas tariff and award-winning HotROCs scheme, which becomes the UK’s first Renewable Heat Incentive.


Making our mark on the London Stock Exchange

Good Energy is accepted onto the LSE’s AIM market – the world’s most successful growth market. Over the year, the company raises £4million in equity, to support the growth of the business.


We create the first local energy tariff

An exclusive tariff for communities around Delabole is set up to thank locals for hosting our wind farm.


100,000 customers

We hit our first customer milestone, growing our community to 100,000.


Hampole starts generating

Good Energy’s second wind farm, this time in Doncaster, comes online (complete with a local energy tariff).


Going solar

The development of six solar farms adds an extra 23MW of renewable electricity to our renewable sources – almost doubling the amount of electricity we generate.


Good Energy shares available through the Social Stock Exchange

As a founding member of the Social Stock Exchange, Good Energy was proud to announce that its entire issued share capital would commence trading on the Social Impact segment of the ISDX Growth Market.


200,000 customers

The Good Energy community now includes over 200,000 customers across our home, business and Feed-in Tariff services.



Launching our carbon neutral green gas

Good Energy launches a new green gas offering which includes renewable biogas and is carbon neutral, supporting carbon reduction projects around the world.


Electric vehicle tariff

To help our customers get the best value for money when charging their electric vehicles at home, we begin developing specialist electric vehicle tariffs.


The climate movement goes mainstream

Following dire warnings about global heating of just 1.5 degrees, 2019 becomes a year of unprecedented climate action. School strikes, city centre shutdowns, climate emergency declarations…people across the world stand up to demand change.

Good Energy’s part in all of this? As well as continuing to give people a practical way to fight the climate crisis, we provide an online platform to local youth strikers to help amplify their message.


Accelerating the EV revolution

We launch our One Point EV charge point installation service for businesses. This enables businesses to become part of the growing EV charging network and support the increasing take up of EVs.


Making managing customer energy accounts simpler and greener

We invest in a digital customer services platform to enable us to support more customers more easily. This also means we can offer a greener, paper free service to an increasing number of people.


Our gas gets even greener

10% of the gas we supply is now biogas, with 10% representing the maximum percentage of the UK’s gas demand that can be met by sustainable, UK generated biogas. We update our offsetting projects to include improving clean energy access in India, China and Turkey.


Putting greenwashing in the spotlight

Our years long campaign to highlight the problem of energy companies claiming to be greener than they are brings about a number of successes. From new accreditations designed to make it easier for people to find genuinely green suppliers, to promises from the Government and the regulator, Ofgem, to tighten the rules.


Juliet Davenport steps down as CEO

In May 2021 Juliet stepped down as Chief Executive Officer, moving into a Director role on Good Energy’s Board. Nigel Pocklington is appointed as CEO to lead Good Energy into the next stage of its development.

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