1. Our electricity is 100% renewable

Generated from sun, wind, water and biogeneration by our growing community of independent generators.

Choosing clean power is one of the biggest things you can do to help tackle climate change.

Powered by nature

0g CO2 p/kWh

Our 100% renewable fuel mix

  • 34% = Wind
  • 46% = Biogeneration
  • 14% = Solar
  • 6% = Hydro

*Fuel mix disclosure period April 2022-March 2023. 0g CO2 refers to generator emissions in the operational phase. UK Fuel Mix & carbon intensity data source: DESNZ, Fuel Mix Disclosure Data Table. All energy suppliers are required to provide information on their fuel mix. To check another supplier’s fuel mix, go to their website.

uk map

UK average fuel mix

  • 38.5% = Gas
  • 38.7% = Renewables
  • 16.1% = Nuclear
  • 3.8% = Coal
  • 2.9% = Other

2. Our gas is carbon neutral

10% is renewable biogas, generated from organic matter like food and farm waste here in Britain. We offset all emissions by investing in Gold Standard projects with ClimateCare. Find out more about the offsetting projects we support here.

3. We’re powering independent, local renewable generation

We source our electricity from our community of over 2000 independent renewable generators. These are climate heroes with inspiring stories about changing the world for the better.

We also support tens of thousands of people to generate their own clean power in their home or business, as Britain’s largest voluntary Feed-in Tariff (FIT) administrator. We’ve recently launched our own export tariff, Solar Savings, which pays you fairly for the power you export to the grid.



4. We never greenwash

We buy enough 100% renewable electricity over a year directly from renewable generators to cover what you use. We also pay our generator community fairly for the power they produce, supporting them to grow their assets and invest in more renewable generation.

We forecast what customers will use against what our renewable generators will produce to match it in real time as closely as possible. This model actively supports the growth of renewables. 
We don’t just buy wholesale energy (which comes from a mix of sources, including fossil fuels), then buy renewable certificates separately. This model, used by lots of suppliers claiming to be green, doesn’t provide as much support for renewable energy.

Find out more about greenwashing here.

Switch your home to 100% renewable electricity

5. Our tariffs have been independently accredited as some of the greenest on the market 

Good Energy is the only energy supplier to have received the Which? Eco Provider for Energy accreditation for the past three years running. Our tariffs have also been accredited as Uswitch Green Tariff Gold Standard since the scheme launched in 2019. We are recommended as a Best Buy for Energy by Ethical Consumer, and we’ve been recommended as a green energy supplier by Friends of the Earth.    

Logo for the Uswitch Green Tariff Gold Standard accreditation.
Ethical Consumer Best Buy logo.

6. We make homes and businesses greener by installing green tech 

We install useful clean tech like heat pumps, solar panels and batteries.

This helps people to reduce their reliance on polluting fossil fuels and make their homes and businesses more energy self sufficient.

7. We’re providing the next generation with a platform 

Today’s youngest generations will be impacted the most by the climate crisis. So we believe they should have a say in what’s being done to tackle it.

In 2021 we set up our Good Future Board, which is made up of 5 young people aged 13-18, who hold us to account on our promise to protect their future.

In their two years on the board, they’ve attended our AGM, and spoken at events including Conference of Youth, which takes place just before the COP climate crisis conference.

8. We’ve been at the forefront of the renewable industry and driving green energy policy for nearly 25 years  

We’ve always been committed to making it easier to use and generate renewable energy. Some of our achievements include:  

  • Launching HomeGen, a groundbreaking service that laid the foundations for the government’s Feed-in Tariff. 
  • Expanding Britain’s first commercial wind farm, building another one and developing eight solar farms.  
  • Campaigning against policies that make adopting clean energy more difficult, including high VAT on solar panels. 
  • Producing high-quality research, including our Renewable Nation report. Developed with Energy Systems Catapult, it modelled future energy scenarios to show that net zero can be achieved using renewable energy.  
  • Standing up for energy market reforms that will support consumers and generators, including calling for more transparency over how green tariffs are sold. 

9. We’re investing in making Britain’s transport green 

Zapmap, the leading app for planning and paying for EV charging on the go, is a subsidiary of Good Energy.

Electric Car

10. Our customers love our service and our employees love working here too.

Our team of clean energy specialists are experts in renewables. They help our customers take care of their green energy accounts day in, day out. It’s thanks to their hard work that we’ve achieved an Excellent rating on Trustpilot, and been commended for our customer service by the Renewable Energy Association.  

What’s more, as voted for by our people, we’re a top 25 Best Company to work for in the UK.