What does Technology Type mean? 

This will be PV (if you have solar panels), hydro (installations which use water), wind (if you have a wind turbine) or MicroCHP (heat and electricity generated from a single source). 

How do I find my Capacity in kWh? 

This will be on the MCS Certificate issued by your installer. 

How do I find my MCS certificate? 

An MCS certificate is proof that your installation has been designed, installed and commissioned to a high standard, by an MCS certified installer. You should have received this certificate from your installer once your installation was commissioned.

I can’t find my MCS certificate – can I get a new one? 

You can request a new certificate directly from MCS here. Please note there may be a charge for this. 

I have a battery – what information do you need from me? 

If you have a Battery, we’ll need a Single Line Diagram showing how it is connected to your installation. You should have this from your installer.

How do I switch my FIT to Good Energy? 

Simply fill out our online form to switch your FIT. 

Can I raise an export MPAN myself? 

Good Energy raises the Export MPAN on your behalf. However, if you wish to contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to raise this, you can do. Please contact us to find out who your DNO is if you would like to get in touch with them directly. 

When will I receive terms and conditions? Am I agreeing to anything by completing the register your interest form? 

No – you’re not agreeing to anything by completing the register your interest form. If you’re selected for the BETA launch, you will receive terms and conditions by email. Terms and conditions are also available online. 

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