Distribution network operators (DNOs) help maintain the infrastructure that gets electricity and gas to your home.

Who is my Gas network operator? 

There are eight gas distribution networks (GDN) in Great Britain. Each GDN is responsible for distributing gas within their region. 

These GDNs are governed by four network companies: 

  • Cadent (formerly National Gas Grid) 

Who is my electricity network operator? 

There are more electricity network operators. If you experience a power cut, the best thing to do is call 105 and they will help direct you to the right operator to find out about when your power is likely to come back on. 

Independent network operators 

Not all properties are supplied through these network operators above. You may be supplied through an independent gas transporter (IGT) or an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNOs). These independent operators own, operate and maintain newer parts of the electricity grid or gas pipelines, particularly around new housing or commercial developments.  

You can find out who your energy network operator is at energynetworks.org (https://www.energynetworks.org/operating-the-networks/whos-my-network-operator) 

Whether your gas and electricity are transported via large distributors or independent distributors, Good Energy can supply power to your property. 

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