Smart meters do not recognise when the clocks spring forward to British Summer Time (BST) as they remain on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

If your tariff is a single rate tariff, the unit rate of energy you consumer remains the same regardless of when you use your energy. Therefore, there is no impact to you when the clocks spring forward or backwards.

However, if you have a dual rate tariff or time of use meter you will need to adapt your usage with the clocks changing to ensure you make the most of your lower cost electricity.

For example, our EV tariff off-peak hours take place according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) between 12am-5am. This means when the clocks change in spring to BST, the off-peak hours will change to 1am-6am as the clocks spring forward but will then change back to 12am-5am when they fall back in Autumn.

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