This page explains why you might receive more than one bill in a month, or why your bill might not include one of your fuels. 

Good Energy’s billing system is set up so that each time we receive a meter reading, we bill to it.  

This means that, in the following situations, you are likely to receive more than one bill in a month:  

  • If you submit more than one electricity and gas reading in a month  
  • If you submit your electricity and your gas meter readings on different days  
  • If you receive an estimated bill and then provide us with accurate meter readings that month  
  • If you submit a meter reading and then a meter reader visits (meter reader readings also tend to come through on different days which results in separate bills)  
  • If you have one smart meter and one traditional meter and you send us a meter reading on a day other than your smart billing day (you can ask the team what this day is).  

Submitting your meter readings together and around the same time each month will help to avoid some of these. However, on occasion, multiple bills are unavoidable.  

If you have received multiple bills in a month and you’re on a variable direct debit, this will trigger multiple payments. If you would like to avoid this, contact us as soon as you receive your second bill, and we can cancel the second payment and incorporate it into next month’s payment instead.  

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