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At Good Energy, we source our electricity from certified renewables like sunshine, wind and water.

Good Energy Price Change 2015

100% renewable electricity

We supply you through the national grid, which is like a dirty pond of electricity. When you switch to us, we match all the electricity you use over a year with electricity sourced purely from renewables. It’s like pouring fresh water into that pond. Slowly but surely we’ll clean things up.

Great customer service

We've been consistently ranked within the top of the table for the ‘Which? Customer Satisfaction Survey for Energy Suppliers’ over the past 4 years. We've also been voted top of the latest Money Saving Expert customer service poll for energy suppliers.

Even better prices

We're cutting both gas and electricity prices with effect from mid-April. For the average dual fuel user, this means a saving of £33 off your annual bill – beating the £28 average saving that the Big Six are offering through their gas-only price reductions.

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