As so many of our customers take steps every day to live a more sustainable life, we asked them to share some top tips for sustainable living. There’s a different theme each month so you can be inspired all year round.

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Here are some of their recommendations for making small changes to live a more sustainable life*. 

July: Sustainable travel

Whether you’re looking to go on holiday for the summer, or looking to make your everyday commute greener, our customers have been sharing their tips for travelling sustainably. 

Everyday travel

  1. Use your car minimally if it is petrol or diesel. 
  2. Look into getting an electric vehicle (EV). 
  3. Use public transport, walk, cycle or car share wherever possible. 


EV Car or Electric car at charging station with the power cable

Traveling for a holiday

  1. Try to avoid travelling by air.  
  2. Instead travel by train or try interrailing for international holidays. 
  3. Use sites like The Man in Seat 61 to plan rail adventures around the world. 


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Useful holiday tips

  1. Take chunks of your own soap and solid shampoo bars so you don’t have to use the plastic bottles in hotels.
  2. Take a reusable cup or bottle so you don’t have to use disposable ones. 
  3. Pack food or snacks prepared at home for long journeys. 


energy usage

* The tips on this page are ideas submitted by Good Energy customers. They are not recommendations made by Good Energy staff.

Next month’s theme is – top tips for a sustainable summer

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Read the tips from previous months below:

June: Staying cool in summer

As we head into summer and the weather is getting warmer, some of you have been sharing your tips for sustainable ways for keeping cool in hot weather.

Keeping cool in the house

  1. Close the curtains on the side of the house that gets the most sun.
  2. Hang wet sheets in the windows or spray your curtains with water to cool your rooms down.
  3. Keep windows and doors closed during the day and only open them in the evenings.
  4. Don’t cook during the day as it will create too much excess heat in the house.
  5. Have a cool shower before going to bed.


Energy use lights

Keeping cool in the garden

  1. Get a canopy for your garden if there is no natural shade.
  2. Put out a paddling pool to put your feet in, then use the water to water the plants in the evening.
  3. Sit in the shade when outside.


People in garden with solar panels

Keeping cool when you’re out

  1. Wear light, loose cotton clothing.
  2. Cover up with a thin shirt and wear a hat when you go out.
  3. Keep a damp cloth on top of your head inside your hat.
Living sustainably outside

Whether you’re at home, in the garden or out anywhere when it is hot, remember to drink plenty of cool water.

*The tips on this page are ideas submitted by Good Energy customers. They are not recommendations made by Good Energy staff.

More monthly sustainable tips from Good Energy Customers

Being out in the garden is the perfect way to spend a spring day, and some of our customers have shared sustainable tips for keeping their gardens looking great.  

Planting and growing  
  1. Collect and harvest seeds from other plants. 
  2. Research the best conditions for growing certain plants before buying them.  
  3. Get bee-friendly or drought resistant plants.  
  4. Grow your own fruit and vegetables.  
  5. Don’t use weed killer or pesticides.  
Composting and soil care 
  1. Use compost bins to get rid of household food waste, and to help plants.  
  2. Make sure compost doesn’t contain peat. 
  3. Put ash from a wood burner onto the plants to give them potassium.  
  4. Shred any garden waste to use as mulch.  
DIY projects 
  1. Put steel mesh over a pond if you have children or pets, rather than filling it in.
  2. Make your own wormery. 
  3. Make mini seedling pots from papier-mâché as they can decompose in the soil. 
  4. Buy or make insect houses, bird feeders, hedgehog homes and nest boxes.  
  5. Use old plastic tubs cut into strips to use as planter labels.  
Useful tips 
  1. Use soapy/grey water to spray on non-edible plants.  
  2. Use teabags (that don’t contain plastic) to hold water in the soil. 
  3. Share plant clippings or stray plants with friends and family. 
  4. Use a water butt and watering can instead of a hose. 

Easter can be a fun time for all the family, and our customers have shared their tips for how they make it a more sustainable holiday.

  1. Buy Fairtrade or sustainable chocolate and Easter eggs.
  2. Avoid Easter eggs with lots of plastic packaging.
  3. Make decorations by hand.
  4. Stay local for the holidays.
  5. Make your own Easter eggs or other snacks.
  6. Don’t use plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts, use tokens which can be exchanged for chocolate.

In the bathroom

  1. Use water saving devices on the shower head and in the toilet.
  2. Turn taps off while brushing your teeth.
  3. Limit your shower time.
  4. Have showers rather than baths.
  5. Turn off the shower while shampooing or using bodywash.

In the kitchen

  1. Clean dishes in order of cleanliness.
  2. Wash dishes by hand, not in the dishwasher.
  3. Empty tumble-dryer condensate into a bucket to reuse.
  4. Keep a flask next to the kettle for any leftover water.
  5. Only use the washing machine when it’s full.
  6. Wash vegetables in a bowl of water rather than under a running tap

In the garden

  1. Use a watering can rather than a hose.
  2. Let grass go yellow in summer, it won’t die.
  3. Use grey water to water plants. *
  4. Use water butts to collect rainwater.

*grey water – relatively clean wastewater, with no harsh chemicals in, left over from laundry, dishwashing, or bathing.