Why Good Energy?

  • Support independent renewable generators that’s fighting climate change. 
  • Benefit from 5* customer service from a friendly team – plus lots of options to manage your account digitally. 
  • Buy from an energy supplier that’s independently accredited by Friends of the Earth, Which? and Uswitch.  
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Switch to 100% renewable electricity

Genuinely renewable energy 

We match all the power you use at home with 100% renewable electricity generated here in Britain by over 2,000 independent renewable generators.

Our electricity is all from certified renewable sources: wind, solar, hydro and biogen.

By switching your home to renewables, you’ll be standing up for our planet and helping power a cleaner, greener future for everyone.


The first tariffs to be rated green Tariff Gold Standard

The top rated Which? Eco provider for Energy 3 years running.

Proudly recommended as an energy supplier that cares for our planet.

Ethical Consumer Best Buy logo.

An Ethical Consumer ‘Best Buy’ for Energy for over 15 years.

Rated 5 stars for customer service 

“This is a great company if you’re looking for genuinely green energy at competitive prices run competently rather than gambling on the market, I have been a happy customer …”

Phil Masters 15 May, 24

“Donna M has once again made me feel part of Good Energy. She is patient and gives good answers to my questions.”

Mike Downham 15 May, 24

“Very good company, kind and professional staff (Nessa). Quick response. I am very pleased.”

Maria 15 May, 24

“I had an issue with my billing where my estimated annual usage was approximately half what it should be. Poppy explained that it would be followed up but it might …”

Ian Murray , Bristol, GB 15 May, 24

Trustscore 4.8 | 11191 reviews

Our green gas

10% of the gas we provide is renewable biogas.

We offset the rest of your gas emissions by investing in Gold Standard projects around the world that bring positive environmental, health and social impacts.

Good Energy tariffs

Good Energy supply tariffs are exempt from Ofgem’s energy price cap due to the support they provide for renewable energy generation. Our tariffs are priced to reflect the work it takes to match your energy usage with electricity sourced from independent British generators that are making the grid greener.

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More than just an energy supplier…

Find everything you need to make your home greener: from solar panels and batteries to heat pump installation.

*Price from Zapmap’s home charging calculator, based on fully charging the UK’s most popular EV, the Nissan Leaf 40 kWh at 9.4p/kWh, which takes 5.7 hours using a 7kW charger.   

** The average UK household solar array (3.25kW) produces 2,874kWh and exports 50% of this. An export of 1,437kWh, at 15p per kWh equals an average payment of £215 a year. You may earn more or less than this depending on the volume of electricity you export.