Who can sign up to our tariffs?

Some of the tariffs we offer are only available to customers that meet certain criteria – for example, having an electric vehicle or a heat pump. The table below sets out the eligibility criteria for all our different tariffs, as referred to in clause 18.2 of our domestic terms and conditions. 

Electricity only or dual fuel customers (only with electricity) Payment via Direct Debit only Online only communicationsProperty must have a SMETS2 smart meter that we are able to enrol on a time-of-use tariff to collect half-hourly reads Customer must also be Good Energy Feed-in Tariff customerCustomer must heat all or part of their home through an air-source or ground-source heat pump Property must have a single-rate credit meter, an Economy meter or a smart-meter operating in “credit” mode Customer must provide copies of the customer’s vehicle registration number or any other documents and information as GE may reasonably specify Customers must consume a certain level of electricity
‘Good to Fix’ Fixed rate tariffsNo.Yes.Yes.No.No.No.Yes.No.No.
Generator Tariff February 2023 v2 No.Yes.Yes.No.Yes.No.Yes.No.No.
Standard Variable Tariff No.No.No.No.No.No.No.No.No.
Green Heat September 2021 v1 Yes.Yes.Yes.No.No.Yes.Yes.No.No.
Electric Vehicle Driver 4Yes.Yes.Yes.No.No.No.Yes.Yes.No.
Zap Flash Tariff April 2022 Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.No.No.Yes.No.No.
Green Driver January 2023 v1No.Yes.Yes.Yes.No.No.Yes.Yes.No.
Green Driver 5 hour June 2023 Green Driver 7 hour June 2023Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.No.No.Yes.No.Yes.
(6,500 kWh annually)