Please submit readings quarterly, in March, June, September and December. The deadline is usually the 15th of the month – we will send you a reminder about two weeks before your reading is due. Please check your spam or junk folder if you can’t see it in your inbox.

How do I submit meter readings? 

The best way to submit your meter reading to us is online or via our mobile app. This will validate your reading instantly so you can check and put right any errors that might delay your payment.

If you submit your FIT reading by email, you need to include the date the reading was taken, your account number, meter serial number and installation address.

Should I include a decimal point in my meter reading? 

Yes. Most generation meters have a decimal point two digits from the end of the number, which can sometimes be quite difficult to see. For example, a reading of 10000 could actually be 100.00. So if you can submit your reading including the decimal point, please do. And if you’re not sure, please send us a photo of your meter reading to help us verify it.

How do I read my generation meter? 

Your generation meter will have a panel on the front which shows the reading. We require the kW generated, including the decimal places. If you’re not sure where your meter is, please contact your installer.

Why would a meter read fail? 

We assess your meter readings using ‘Season Tolerance levels’ which are calculated based on historical weather data throughout the year. Readings that fall outside this range may be rejected, so we may ask for a photograph to prove the reading is correct.

What happens if I don’t submit a reading? 

If you don’t submit a reading before the quarterly deadline, the payment will roll over to the next quarter. As long as you submit a valid meter reading before the next deadline, the two quarters will be combined. You’ll never miss out on payments owed to you.

What do I do if my meter isn’t working properly? 

If you’ve submitted readings that fail our tolerance test and think your meter may not be working properly, please contact your installer to have it checked.

My meter is being replaced. Do I need to do anything? 

Please give us the below information so we can update your account:

  • The date the old meter was removed and a reading taken on this date
  • The date the new meter was installed and a reading taken on this date
  • The new meter model and make.

If possible, please make a note of the last reading from the old meter. Without it, we won’t be able to calculate how much was generated before it was removed, which means you may miss out on a payment for this period. We also need to update Ofgem to show this meter has been changed.

What is deemed export? 

The term ‘deemed export’ is an industry term for estimated export. The Feed-in Tariff scheme pays generators for their total generation and for their deemed exported electricity. These are combined into one quarterly payment. For micro hydro systems the deemed rate is 75% of the total generated. For all other technologies, including home solar panels, the level of export is ‘deemed’ to be 50% of total generation.

From early 2023, FIT customers with smart meters that measure their export will be moved onto smart export payments, based on the actual amount of electricity they export. This is also the first step towards new tariffs that will pay a higher rate for the electricity exported to the grid.

FIT meter inspections 

Why does my meter need to be inspected? 

Feed-in Tariff licensees (like Good Energy) need to verify generation and/or export meter readings at least once every two years from your installation’s registration date. Ofgem requires us to do this as a condition of you continuing to receive FiT payments.

We will ask you to submit a photo of your meter so we can verify it. If we can’t verify your meter in this way, we will arrange for someone to inspect it in person.

How do meter inspections work? 

If we can’t verify your meter from a photograph or you don’t submit one, we will arrange for our meter reading agents, Calisen Smart Meter Installation – Calisen, to inspect it in person. 

We always aim to tell customers before their inspection is due that Calisen will be visiting. They will make three attempts to read your meter. If you’re not in at these times, they will contact you to arrange an appointment, or refer back to us if they are not able to make contact with you at all.

The Calisen operative will carry identification with them. They will need to access the meter to confirm the serial number of take a reading and check it against our records. Please note that they cannot give you technical advice about meter maintenance or performance issues.

We will only contact you afterwards if there is a problem with your meter verification.

Can the reading taken as part of the inspection be used for my FIT payment claim? 

No – the reading won’t be added to your account. Please continue to submit readings according to the quarterly schedule, as normal.

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