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Where does UK energy come from?

We don’t often think about where our energy comes from. Learn more about where energy in the UK comes from and make the switch to Good Energy.

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Clean Energy: A Better Investment Market

When it comes to clean energy, here's what Good Energy had to say about the investment market. Switch to green energy with Good Energy today.

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Selectricity: the future of renewable electricity |

A 100% renewable future with local, decentralised energy generation is one step closer thanks to Selectricity. Find out more about it here:

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Cloudy with a chance of renewables

Read more about Gavin's story on switching to 100% renewable energy by becoming a Good Energy customer and about founding the Cloud Appreciation Society.

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Team Good Energy is Backing Local Sport

Team Good Energy is backing local sport. Find out more about the teams and sports we support at the Olympics and Paralympics.

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Which? Survey - Great Performance

Read about how Good Energy performed exceptionally well in the Which? Survey for energy company customer satisfaction.

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Can you make a village energy self sufficient?

The SMART Fintry project aims to test and prove a new way to purchase electricity that’s cheaper and greener. Find out how by visiting the Good Energy blog.

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Where does the UK get it's energy from?

Where does the UK get it's energy from? A growing amount of electricity is coming from renewable sources. Find out more about green energy from Good Energy

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Good Energy add offshore wind to fuel mix with DONG

Good Energy is bringing renewable power generated from offshore wind into our energy mix. Learn more about it and join Good Energy!

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When Good Energy met the National Trust

Find out about the partnership between Good Energy and National Trust & how we have been raising awareness to switch to renewable electricity & green gas.

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