Hear reviews from customers that get paid for their excess electricity through Good Energy’s Solar Savings Export tariff.

Mike’s review

“I had my solar panels installed at the end of 2022, and I was one of the first people to get onto Good Energy’s Solar Savings export tariff. Already a supply customer, the export tariff appealed to me as everything would be in one place making it really easy to manage.

“I enjoy monitoring how much energy I am exporting using Good Energy’s app. It’s really helpful to have my earnings applied directly to my energy account too – in the last year, I’ve earned nearly £200 for my excess solar energy.”

Good Energy customer since 2014

Brian’s review

“Installing solar panels requires a large upfront expenditure. Like putting money in a savings account, you need a good return on that investment – which an export tariff can help offer.”

“I’ve been on Good Energy’s Solar Savings export tariff for a year now and have received over £150 – which helps offset the price of my electricity during the winter months.

“The best thing about working with Good Energy is the ability to communicate with the staff. They are friendly and always willing to help.”

Good Energy customer since 2014

Imogen’s review

“Between 1 August and 31 May, we exported 1508.04 kWh of renewable electricity to the grid. This has earned us £301.60 so far on Good Energy’s Solar Savings Exclusive tariff.

“June and July are on average the sunniest months in the UK – so the earnings from these months will be even greater.”

Good Energy customer since 2023

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