There are a lot of energy suppliers out there that say they offer green energy. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were wondering what makes Good Energy stand out. 

Here are five reasons why you can trust that we’re not greenwashing and committed to helping you make a difference in the fight against the climate crisis.  

1) We source 100% renewable electricity directly from independent generators 

If there’s one thing that makes us different, it’s our community of over 1,700 independent generators. From sustainable businesses that generate electricity and sell us the rest, to community owned wind and solar farms, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like Glen Lyn Gorge in Devon, have been with us for over 20 years. Meet some of our generators here. 

Delabole wind farm on a clear, sunny day.

We commit to matching the electricity you use at home with electricity we’ve bought directly from our generator community. So, unlike many other ‘green’ energy suppliers who don’t source power this way, we don’t greenwash

2) Our energy is so green, it’s gold 

We are the only energy company to have all our tariffs accredited as Uswitch Green Tariff Gold Standard. This first-of-its-kind accreditation is intended to make it easier for people to use the popular switching service to find tariffs that genuinely support renewables. You can find out more about the accreditation on the Uswitch website. 

This isn’t our first time setting a new standard in the energy industry. We are also the first energy company to be approved as a verified 100% renewable electricity provider by the Good Housekeeping Institute.  

3) We know there’s a greener way to supply gas 

To tackle the climate crisis, the UK needs to do much more to reduce its reliance on gas. But in the meantime, we supply green gas that’s made up of 10% renewable biogas. 

Biogas is produced by breaking down organic matter in an anaerobic digester. We supply 10% biogas because that’s currently the maximum percentage of the UK’s gas demand that can be met with sustainable, UK-generated biogas. 

We’ve partnered with Climate Care to offset the rest through investing in Gold Standard projects around the world. These include projects to install household biogas generators in India and China, as well as grid-scale biogas in Turkey. So, rather than just planting trees, we’re helping reduce carbon emissions by improving access to green energy. 

4) We innovate to give you new ways to make your home more sustainable

Like we said above, the UK can’t rely on gas for ever. New heating technologies such as heat pumps are becoming more mainstream. To help make them more affordable to run, we launched the UK’s first dedicated heat pump tariff in 2020, which provides lower cost electricity rates during times of higher usage.  

We’re always exploring how we can better support people to make their homes greener, including with our new time-of-use tariff for electric car owners, Green Driver

5) We’re providing a platform for the next generation 

Children and young people stand to be most impacted by climate change. As a company set up to combat the crisis, we want to make sure their voices are better heard within our business. 

That’s why we decided to set up our Good Future Board. Designed to mirror our existing board, but made up of secondary school aged young people, it provides the next generation the opportunity to hold us to account on our promise to protect their future. 

Don’t just take our word for it… 

That’s Good Energy, in our own words. If you’d like to hear from our customers, check out our reviews on Trustpilot. Thanks to the hard work of our Clean Energy specialists, who are here to help the Good Energy community manage their accounts, we’ve achieved an ‘Excellent’ rating.