At Good Energy, we buy our power directly from a community of over 2000 independent renewable generators right across Britain.

One of those generators is Tongue Gill Hydro. This is their story.

Clean, green power for 150 homes

The Lake District National Park is known for its mountains, it’s lakes, and for being one of the wettest places in Britain. These qualities make it the perfect place to generate hydro power.

Jo and Bev Dennison sold their dream home to fund their dream project – a run of the river hydro scheme and mature woodlands in Grasmere, Cumbria.

Using local people and local materials, they constructed the scheme between 2013 and 2014, burying all of the pipework underground to remove all visual impacts of the scheme.

Capturing rainfall from a wide area, the hydro generates more than 450MWh of renewable electricity every year, enough to power the homes of 150 Good Energy customers.

Boosting local biodiversity with renewable energy generation

As well as constructing the hydro scheme, Bev and Jo also worked with local partners and volunteers to restore and improve the local woodland, planting thousands of trees including native oak, cherry, alder, hawthorn, and scots pine.

The trees have helped to stabilise the landscape, preventing landslides, and resulting in an increase in red squirrels, deer and birds.

It’s been a tremendous journey, a wonderful dream. We now have this diversity that we never envisaged would be so rich in such a short space of time.

Bev Dennison, Tongue Gill Hydro

Choosing a truly green energy company

Good Energy enjoys a brilliant relationship with its renewable generator community, including Bev and Jo at Tongue Gill Hydro.

“Good Energy have been so helpful. I’ve now developed personal relationships with different people I have got to know over the years.

Selling our electricity and knowing it has gone to a truly green company means so much to us.” Jo and Bev, Tongue Gill Hydro.

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