At Good Energy, we’re proud to work with independent renewable generators across Britain, supporting small businesses and boosting rural economies.

One of those renewable generators is Cwm Cadian Hydro, directed by friends Nick Bard and Billy Langley.

Developed in 2018, Cwm Cadian Hydro is a run of the river hydro on the southern edge of Snowdonia. Water is taken out of the river at the top of the hill, fed through a pipe and fired into a turbine at the bottom of the hill. It generates enough electricity to power 100 average UK homes every year.

Supporting the rural economy with renewable energy

Billy and Nick are both passionate about sustainability, and the benefits that renewable generation can bring to the rural economy.

“Sustainability is very important to both of us. We have children, we want their futures to be secure. It is very close to our hearts.” says Billy.

They also agree with us how important it is to have thousands of small generators distributed all across Britain, and how much this structure benefits the grid and local economies.

“Small generators like ourselves that are distributed, it helps with resilience of the grid, and it is good for local benefit and the rural economy. It’s not gigawatts of energy that are coming in from offshore wind, and I think we need that as well, but this definitely has a bigger benefit per megawatt hour than the big stuff.” Says Billy.

One of our renewable generators since 2018

Cwm Cadian has sold its electricity to Good Energy ever since the scheme was built in 2018. Nick and Billy enjoy knowing that their power is being used by homes and businesses that really care about the planet.

They also benefit from the personal service we provide to small generators.

I feel like Good Energy magnify our efforts to combat climate change. They are really trying to support small generators like us. 

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