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We must not let Brexit ruin the environment

We look at three climate and environment priorities for the next government

Posted by: Charlie Makin | Posted on: 05.06.2017
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Fully Charged with Good Energy

Robert Llewellyn talks to our CEO, Juliet Davenport, and Head of Research and Innovation, Will Vooght about a number of energy topics.

Posted by: Joe Hickman | Posted on: 25.05.2017
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What's in store for the future of UK renewables?

With the lack of government funding, what is the future of UK renewables?

Posted by: James Ryle | Posted on: 04.04.2017
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Scotland is leading the way in the UK’s battle for reduced emissions

Scotland is planning on cutting their climate emissions by a massive 66%

Posted by: Joe Hickman | Posted on: 24.01.2017
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2016 was a great year for wind power

Wind has done it again - 2016 was another record year for wind

Posted by: James Brown | Posted on: 06.01.2017
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What is it like living close to a wind farm?

Delabole wind farm is the oldest of its kind in the UK - we interview residents living nearby to find out what life is like next to a wind farm.

Posted by: Holly Meyrick | Posted on: 19.12.2016
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Scotland aims high with renewable targets

Across the UK, renewable records continue to be broken at rapid speed, but nowhere more so than in Scotland.

Posted by: Jamie White | Posted on: 11.11.2016
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From Kite Power to Solar Bike Paths…

Our favourite sustainable solutions this week!

Posted by: Holly Meyrick | Posted on: 18.10.2016
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Where does UK energy come from?

Ever wondered where you energy comes from? Find out here:

Posted by: Will Vooght | Posted on: 01.10.2016
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