Already Good Energy supply customers, Steve and Gwen chose Good Energy to install their solar panels and Tesla Powerwall 2 battery in January 2024. Steve shares his review of Good Energy Solar.

Why choose Good Energy Solar?

Steve shares his review of getting solar panels.

“We chose Good Energy to install our solar panels for two main reasons:

Trusted brand: Having the backing of Good Energy gave us confidence that we were choosing a quality installer. I enjoy working with just one company, and I like that they manage our export tariff too.

Premium products: We have 5kW of Sunpower solar panels, and a 13.5kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 installed at our home. These are premium products with great warranties, giving us peace of mind they’ll work for the long term.”

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How was the solar panel installation?

“The Good Energy Solar installation was very good. Health & Safety is very important to me and I could see the team working together safely and following the correct guidelines. The finished product not only looks fantastic but also works exactly as designed.”

Motivated by being self-sufficient

Steve's solar panel review

“We wanted to get solar panels for three main reasons. Firstly, to be more environmentally friendly. We’ve been with Good Energy on and off for 20 years and we care about the planet.

Secondly, to get some stability on our energy prices – spurred on by the energy crisis.

And thirdly, to get a degree of self sufficiency. Our Tesla Powerwall 2 battery will power our home during a power cut, and a full battery could last us for several days.”

Solar panels work on cloudy days

“I used to think that conditions needed to be optimal for solar panels to work properly in the UK. But going through the process I found out that solar panels would work well on our East facing roof, and they don’t even need direct sunlight to generate.

Our installation took place in the winter, and from the very first month our solar panels and battery have covered most of what we are using at home.”

How do solar panels work

Solar panels offer a great return on investment

“We have recently bought a plug-in hybrid car which we will mainly charge at home, making us higher electricity users. Looking at the projected figures from Good Energy Solar, we expect to recoup our upfront costs by about 8 to 9% every year, which is better than we can get from putting the money in the bank.”