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What's in store for the future of UK renewables?

With the lack of government funding, what is the future of UK renewables?

Posted by: James Ryle | Posted on: 04.04.2017
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Scotland is leading the way in the UK’s battle for reduced emissions

Scotland is planning on cutting their climate emissions by a massive 66%

Posted by: Joe Hickman | Posted on: 24.01.2017
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Tidal lagoons are one step closer to powering Britain

Tidal lagoons could soon have a significant impact on the UK's fuel mix

Posted by: Good Energy | Posted on: 12.01.2017
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What is it like living close to a wind farm?

Delabole wind farm is the oldest of its kind in the UK - we interview residents living nearby to find out what life is like next to a wind farm.

Posted by: Holly Meyrick | Posted on: 19.12.2016
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COP22 Where next after the Paris climate change agreement?

COP21 was a global success story for the environment, but what now for COP22?

Posted by: Mark Meyrick | Posted on: 17.11.2016
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Scotland aims high with renewable targets

Across the UK, renewable records continue to be broken at rapid speed, but nowhere more so than in Scotland.

Posted by: Jamie White | Posted on: 11.11.2016
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What does the public really think of renewables?

In fact, a huge majority of people support green energy developments...

Posted by: Jamie White | Posted on: 27.10.2016
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Demand Side Response: Reducing demand to reduce costs

Demand Side Response is about the use of electricity, rather than how it’s generated.

Posted by: Will Heinzelman | Posted on: 20.10.2016
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8 Reasons Good Energy doesn't want nuclear power as part of the UK’s energy mix.

8 Reasons Good Energy doesn't want nuclear power as part of the UK’s energy mix

Posted by: Will McMyn | Posted on: 19.10.2016
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Battery storage for our energy is taking off around the world

We take a look at what’s happening now in the world of battery storage

Posted by: Charlie Makin (1) | Posted on: 10.10.2016
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