1. Our electricity fuel mix is 100% renewable

0g CO2 p/kWh

Our 100% renewable fuel mix

  • 34% = Wind
  • 46% = Biogeneration
  • 14% = Solar
  • 6% = Hydro

*Fuel mix disclosure period April 2022-March 2023. 0g CO2 refers to generator emissions in the operational phase. UK Fuel Mix & carbon intensity data source: DESNZ, Fuel Mix Disclosure Data Table. All energy suppliers are required to provide information on their fuel mix. To check another supplier’s fuel mix, go to their website.

2. We source our renewable electricity through Power Purchase Agreements with renewable generators based in Britain.

100% of the electricity we supply to customers is backed by Power Purchase Agreements with renewable generators. This means we contract directly with renewable generators, buying their electricity together with the Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates used to report our fuel mix. 

This approach to sourcing electricity means that, the more customers we have, the more renewable generators we have to contract with.  

Between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023 58% of the generators Good Energy contracted with were new connections to the electricity grid. This is a clear example of how Good Energy customers are directly supporting the growth of renewable energy in Britain. 

Many other suppliers include Guarantee of Origin (GoO) certificates in their fuel mix claims. GoOs are the EU equivalent of a REGO certificate. This means that suppliers have bought GoOs that apply to renewable electricity generated in mainland Europe, which is not supplied to UK customers. The use of GoOs also exempted suppliers from paying into existing renewable subsidy schemes, meaning they were doing even less than they otherwise would have to support the growth of renewables. The government have now closed this loophole – but many suppliers continued buying GoOs right up until the deadline in March 2023, rather than sourcing renewable electricity generated in Britain.

3.We match our customer electricity demand with renewable supply for every half hour of the day, as far as possible 

Many other suppliers simply submit enough REGO certificates for the year so that they can say they’ve matched their customer electricity usage with power from renewable sources. 
Good Energy matches the energy you use at home over the course of a year, and has achieved over 90% real-time matching (energy generated and used within the same half hour) over the past five years.

4. Our commitment to procuring UK-generated renewable energy is independently audited each year

We go above and beyond to make sure we’re sourcing our energy as transparently as possible. Read our renewable procurement policy for 2022.

5. We are recognised by the energy regulator, Ofgem, for the additional support we provide for renewable generation in Britain

We are exempt from the Ofgem energy price cap, because of the additional costs involved in supplying genuinely renewable energy.

6. We have been the top rated Which? Eco Provider for Energy for 3 years in a row

Which? assesses energy companies against a range of sustainability criteria, including how they buy and sell renewable electricity and how transparent they are about their energy sourcing practices. 
Good Energy has been named a Which? Eco Provider for Energy since the grade launched in 2021, consistently achieving a top-ranking score out of all the energy suppliers included in the Which? assessment
Good Energy has also been accredited as Uswitch Green Tariff Gold Standard, and is an Ethical Consumer Best Buy for Energy. 
Read more about energy accreditations and why Good Energy has received them.