Good Energy Works ASHP Survey Terms and Conditions

What is the cost of your survey?

We charge a nominal fee of:

  • £100 for a virtual survey;
  • £250 for an onsite survey.

What do you get from the survey?

Based on the survey we do on your home, we will provide you with your air source heat pump proposal pack which includes:

  • A quotation;
  • A performance estimate (which outlines what you can expect from the system);
  • A floorplan showing radiator and services locations;
  • A contract, detailing our terms of business;
  • An order form;
  • Express request for installation work to commence;
  • A cancellation form – in case you change your mind;
  • A HIES brochure which outlines the consumer protection scheme we have in place.

From this pack you will be able to determine:

  • The system we propose to install;
  • Planned radiator and services locations;
  • Your home’s heat loss assessment;
  • Your existing radiators;
  • The level of insulation at your home;
  • The financial incentives you may be eligible for;
  • An estimate of your total financial benefit with the system.

If you choose to purchase an air source heat pump from us, the survey fees you have paid will be refunded as a deduction from the final cost of your installation.

If wish to cancel the process entirely, your survey appointments, or rearrange, you can do so as long as you have provided us with not less than 48 hours’ notice before the scheduled survey, which ends no later than the earlier of:-

  • the end of the original Cancellation Period of 14 days, pre any waiver of cooling off period; or
  • the date you waived the Cancellation Period as per any cooling off period waiver/start work early instruction you return to us;

from the date you have paid your survey fee. Outside of that your survey fees are non-refundable.

If, once the required surveys, have taken place:-

  • we decide your home isn’t suitable for an air source heat pump, we will refund you any survey fees you have paid;
  • if you decide not to proceed, any survey fees you have paid are non-refundable.

What do you need for a virtual survey?

  • Floor plan of your house.
  • An energy performance certificate no older than 2 years as at the date of survey.
  • Height and width of your radiators.
  • Zoom downloaded.

What do you need for an onsite survey?

  • An energy performance certificate no older than 2 years as at the date of survey.
  • A floor plan provided in advance is always helpful but not a necessity for it to go ahead.

Data protection

You can find details in our Privacy policy .