Power Pause from Good Energy is part of a UK-wide project that will pay you to use less energy during peak times this winter. 

Not only can you earn money for saving energy, you’ll help make the energy grid greener for everyone. Join for free today. 

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How does Power Pause work? 

Here’s what happens once you’ve registered your interest: 

Step one

We email you as soon as National Grid tells us when the next energy saving event will be. If you want to take part, opt in. 

Step two

Reduce how much electricity you use during the Power Pause window, which will last a few hours. 

Step three

We’ll contact you 24-48 hours later to let you know how much electricity you saved compared to your typical usage. 

Step four

We pay you based on a rate set by National Grid by adding credit to your electricity account. You’ll see this on your bill.  

Why is it important to shift energy use away from peak periods?

National energy demand peaks at times when we all want to use it for things like cooking, washing, lighting, heating and more. 

The peak in demand often needs to be met by fossil fuel generators, increasing the amount of gas and coal being burnt.  

If more of us shift some of the energy we use to different times, we can flatten energy peaks and meet more of our needs with renewables and other low carbon sources. This cuts carbon emissions and reduces our contribution to global heating. 

How to pause your power 

Here are some ideas on how to save energy during each Power Pause.  

  • First, stay safe – don’t sit around in the dark and cold! 
  • Cook a meal in advance if you’re using the oven, then simply reheat using the microwave, which uses much less energy 
  • Save running the dishwasher for later 
  • Don’t run your washing machine or tumble dryer 
  • Take a break from tea (rather than a tea break) and don’t boil the kettle 
  • Try activities that don’t use as much electricity – read, play games, do crafts… 
  • If you have a home battery or EV, charge it outside the Power Pause hours. 

Help make the energy grid greener for everyone