Julie's Bicycle

Climate change isn’t just a problem of resources, it is also a cultural issue: what kind of world do we want to create and live in?

Free from political quarreling, vested business interests and uninspiring political debate, the arts can inspire real change in thinking and behaviour.

There is an opportunity for the creative industries in Britain to lead the way in ditching fossil fuels and choosing natural, renewable energy.

Good Energy has partnered with Julie’s Bicycle, the leading global charity bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the creative sector, to make that gap even easier to cross.

We have used our combined expertise to devise a simple renewable energy offering, designed especially for the creative industries.

Whether your base is a theatre, gallery, concert hall, venue, studio or office, and whatever your usage or meter type, our bespoke tariffs are designed to be just right for you.


Clean, renewable energy is the simplest of the many solutions to climate change and Good Energy have been pioneering this solution for many years. We are really grateful to be in partnership with Good Energy, driving demand for renewables as well as celebrating their work with the creative sector.

Alison Tickell, Julie’s Bicycle CEO and Founder

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