Good Energy’s offer to Creative Energy project members

Good Energy is proud to partner with albert on ‘Creative Energy’, a scheme to bring 100% renewable, UK sourced, Zero carbon emissions electricity at the best possible price to the creative industries.

We offer :

REGO certified, UK sourced, 100% renewable electricity – We make sure that for every single unit we supply to our customers, one goes back into the grid that came from accredited renewable generators.

Reportable as zero carbon emissions - Good Energy's 100% renewable electricity promise is independently assured by SGS, meaning you can report zero carbon emissions under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 emissions reporting guidance set out by the World Resources Institute.

Competitive pricing for Creative Energy Project members - By combining the volume of the Creative Energy project members we can reduce the cost each member pays. Pricing varies by location and by some of the connection characteristics, but is lower than Good Energy’s normal business pricing.

A dedicated account manager - You’ll have a direct line to your account manager to talk about your account and the Creative Energy project offering.

A connection assessment to ensure your situation is optimised for your needs - We’ll look at your connection and metering to make sure that you know about any actions that could improve your circumstances and we’ll keep you up to date with changes that might affect you – such as legislation - helping you to be confident that you’re taking the right actions.

Help analysing your consumption to help you reduce it - The more you understand your energy, the less you use. If you’re a half hourly customer we’ll get you connected to our Selectricity platform that allows you to see your consumption and make the choices about where and when you use electricity, so you can use less. If you’re on a 3 or 4 meter we’ll review your usage data and profile and offer as much help as we can.

Advice on renewable generation or storage - We’ve been helping people get generating for nearly twenty years, so we’ve got a wealth of experience and a network of partners that can help you understand the potential your estate might have to generate your own electricity or use storage to become more cost effective.

Potential for energy audits or desktop surveys - You’re probably taking significant steps toward improving the fabric of your building and operations already, but if we can add our knowledge and experience we’d be delighted. We have a broad network of partners across all areas of building and operational performance that we can call upon to help you.

Behavioural change advice - Simply by changing the behaviour of your staff or systems, you can reduce the amount of energy you consume or the cost of that electricity. Every situation is different and we’re here to help and point you in the right direction.

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