SMART Fintry

Good Energy is working with the SMART Fintry Project in order to deliver affordable, sustainable energy to Fintry residents.

Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government's Local Energy Challenge Fund we are able to help create a new way to purchase electricity that isn't just cheaper - it's greener too. 

We've done this by enabling the residents of Fintry to buy their power directly from nearby renewable energy generators without the need to change suppliers or add any additional cables or wires. 

This unique tariff has been designed specifically for Fintry as an innovative project that is the first of its kind in the UK. The aim is to provide a benefit to the local community by providing them with locally sourced energy at a reduced cost - based on a cross-section of Fintry residents in 2016, we estimate that over 90% of the community could save on their current electricity bills by switching. 

It isn't all about saving money either, by buying electricity from the local renewable generation you can cut carbon emissions by an average of 25%. 

Are you a Fintry resident? Sign-ups for the Fintry tariff are now open again! Call 0800 254 0004 to get signed up.

Ready to switch?