The nights are drawing in as October rattles along in a wash of rain and scattered leaves. You’ve probably started to turn your heating on on those chillier evenings, and the lights get switched on earlier each night. This time of year gets people thinking about their energy provider and whether they’re getting a tariff that’s right for them.

As All Hallows Eve creeps closer, we’re here to tell you that switching energy provider doesn’t have to be a horror show. There’s no bogeyman out to get you, no reason to hide under the blankets and cover your face…

Record numbers of UK households have switched energy provider this year, with nearly half a million switching to a new provider in August alone. It’s still a scary thought for many though, especially if you’ve never been through the process before – how does it work? Will I stop getting electricity to my home? What if there’s a problem?

We’re here to dash those demons and tell you how easy changing energy supplier can be – you can start the process in the time it takes to drink a festively themed coffee!

How do I decide who to switch to?

The energy market in the UK has grown hugely in the last few years. There are now over 50 energy suppliers vying for your business, which gives you a lot to sort through.

A lot of people have a particular motivation for wanting a change. Perhaps they’re looking for better customer service, or to be more environmentally friendly by going with a green tariff (hey, we do both of those things!). Maybe it’s simply about price. Whatever it is, having something in mind will make a big difference when you’re shopping around on search engines and comparison sites.

You’ll see that not only are there lots of energy providers to choose from, there are also lots of tariff types. Always read the fine print on these to check for any skeletons in the closet – you particularly want to keep an eye out for length of the tariff term. If you’re especially interested in finding a renewable energy provider, then read our explanation of why not all green tariffs are as green as they seem.

Make sure you know what exit conditions exist with your current provider before taking any of the next steps, as you want to avoid incurring exit fees if possible.

I’ve chosen my new provider. It’s Good Energy! How do I sign up?

We’re going to be a bit selfish here and talk just about us as we’re lovely people doing our bit to battle climate change, and we want to show you how easily you can help us out with that. All you need to do is…

Call our friendly customer onboarding team on 0800 254 0004. They’ll be able to talk you through the costs and details of your switch, as well as answering any questions you might have about switching to a renewable energy supplier. And it’s not just us who think they’re great to talk to:

I just have to say that of all the green energy suppliers we have called today for our quote, you are by far the nicest and it is lovely to talk to someone so friendly,” – Petra from Taunton

You can also sign up online, and it only takes five minutes. Our website can give you a quote for your usage and a breakdown of the costs, and once you’ve had a chance to read it over, you can continue through the form and get signed up.

After you’ve signed up with us, you enter into a 14 day cooling off period, just in case you want to change your mind. We’ll send you a welcome letter during this time, with details of your contract.

I’ve signed up – how does my supply change over?

This is the bit that seems to worry people most. It’s a phantom fear though, as it couldn’t be easier – we do all the hard work for you. Your new energy provider is responsible for speaking to your old one; you don’t even need to call them up to cancel.

All you need to do is provide a final read to them to settle any outstanding balances, and then send a fresh read to us within five days of your supply start date. We’ll be there along the way to remind you what needs doing and when, and our Customer Care team are available if you experience any confusion.

Nothing actually needs to be done to the power and gas lines going into your home, there’s no engineering involved at all.

That’s it!

In the majority of cases, this process goes along without a hitch. Occasionally, there might be a hiccup and a switch can be objected to by the current supplier for a few reasons – if this happens, they’ll get in touch with you and advise on what steps need to be taken to resolve it.

Imagine that: You filled in an easy five minute form online, sent off two meter readings, and now you’re with Good Energy. If this is your first time on a renewable tariff you’ll now have a much smaller carbon footprint and are supporting the advancement of renewable generation in this country.

Not such a scary thought. Sign up before Midnight the 31st October 2017 for a special treat!