We’re pleased to launch of one of the best EV tariffs available on the market. Featuring a highly competitive overnight rate and Zapmap Premium as standard, our fixed EV tariff is one not to miss.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about this limited-availability tariff.  

What’s good about our fixed EV Tariff?

Low overnight rates

Our EV tariff, Smart EV (July 25) , is one of the best EV tariffs on the market right now. It’s a dual rate 100% renewable electricity tariff with a highly competitive overnight rate of just 7.4p / kWh.

This means that you can charge a Tesla Model Y for as little as £4.50** during the off-peak hours of 12am – 5am, which are consistent throughout the year.

Here’s a summary of the highlights:

  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Fixed rate until July 2025
  • 5 hour overnight rate of 7.4p/kWh (12am – 5am)
  • Zapmap Premium included as standard*
  • Wake up to a full charge for just £4.50**

Zapmap Premium

Fixed until July 2025, the tariff comes with Zapmap Premium throughout the duration.

Among other features, this gives you real-time status updates on thousands of EV charge-points throughout the UK that you can navigate to at a touch of a button using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

What’s more Premium subscription members get 5% off public charging on Zappay networks.

High level of support to renewable generators

Good Energy is the only energy provider to have been named a Which? Eco provider three years running.

Our tariffs provide a high level of support to independent renewable generators, and we buy electricity directly from over 2,000 of them across the UK.

Who can join our fixed EV Tariff?

Our fixed EV tariff, Smart EV (July 25), has a few eligibility criteria:

  • You will need a smart meter for this EV tariff, set up to send hourly readings.
  • Payment through Direct Debit only.
  • Electricity only, with the option to switch to our SVT for your gas supply.
  • Limited availability. Open to new customers throughout July and August until the tariff is full.

And while it’s aimed at electric car owners who tend to have a higher than average electricity use, you don’t need to have an EV to join the tariff.

How can I join?

*A Zapmap premium subscription costs £29.99/yr or £2.99/mth if bought directly from Zapmap – but is included as standard with the Good Energy Fixed EV Tariff. To find out more visit: https://www.zap-map.com/app/zapmap-premium

**Price from Zapmap’s home charging calculator, based on fully charging the Tesla Model Y at 7.4p/kWh.