Wake up to a full, renewable charge from £3.76*

As an EV driver, you’re already helping drive the transition to a cleaner, greener energy system.  And we want to keep making it as simple as possible for you to charge at home with 100% renewable electricity, generated here in Britain from sun, wind and water.     

This tariff is available for our customers and non-customers – get  a quote to switch from your current Good Energy tariff to Good Energy Standard ‘Smart Meter EV’.  

Electric car charging

What do you get with our new smart EV tariff? 

Smart time-of-use tariff

You’ll need a smart meter to get this new EV tariff, so we can measure how much electricity you use during your off-peak period. This means you’ll benefit from knowing exactly how much energy you’re using at your different rates – helping you spot ways to shift more of your usage into your off-peak hours. 

Smart Meter Display

Important information 

You must have a second-generation smart meter to get this smart EV tariff. If you don’t have a smart meter but still want to sign up, we will install a second-generation smart meter for you free of charge.  

Bear in mind that as this tariff has limited availability, we can’t guarantee you will be able to switch once your meter is installed.  

*Price from Zap-Map’s home charging calculator, based on fully charging the UK’s most popular EV, the Nissan Leaf 40 kWh at 9.4p/kWh, which takes 5.7 hours using a 7kW charger.